Learn How Regenerative Medicine And Stem Cell Therapy Can Give You Pain-Free Living WITHOUT Invasive Surgical Procedures
Learn about these innovative procedures and have the opportunity to discuss your personal situation with Texas' top Regenerative Medicine Specialists during and after the seminar.
How does stem cell therapy work?
When you have a disease or injury, stem cells travel to the damaged area and release substances that rebuild the types of cells needed for your body to heal. Stem cell injections take advantage of this regenerative ability.

When a concentrated amount of stem cells are injected to the site of your injured tissues, the injected cells jump into action, doing their natural job - to triggering new cell growth to heal the area.

There are many areas of the body where stem cell treatments can be very effective. The most common are:
  •  Foot and Ankle
  •  Knee
  •  Shoulder
  •  Spine
  •  Hip
  •  Elbow, Hand or Wrist
Why People Are Choosing Regenerative Medicine
Safe & Non-Invasive
Enjoy much faster recovery than standard surgical options.
Most procedures are done within just 1 - 2 hours, that's it!
 Qualified Experts
Rest assured, procedures are performed by professionals only.
What Conditions Can Stem Cell Therapy Help With?
Stem cell therapy is frequently used to treat musculoskeletal conditions, such as damaged cartilage; muscle, ligament, and tendon tears; and inflammatory joint conditions like arthritis and bursitis.

In some cases, stem cells combined with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to rejuvenate facial skin and restore hair growth in men and women.

When PRP is used together with stem cells, your PRP is produced on site by drawing a sample of your blood and processing it in a centrifuge that separates the platelets from other blood components.

Platelets are rich sources of growth factors that promote healing, increase stem cell effectiveness, and reduce inflammation and pain.

Many studies have uncovered the efficiency of stem cell therapy for treating illnesses such as fibromyalgia, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, inflammatory bowel disease, complex regional pain syndrome, and chronic pelvic pain.
Learn More About Stem Cell Therapy In Just One Hour Than Most Learn In MONTHS On Their Own!
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Evaluations of this nature typically cost between $300-$500.
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The diverse team of experienced practitioners at ReMed Regenerative Medicine strive to treat each client that enters our facility with an individualized approach to best meet their needs and goals. 

Because we are an integrated clinic with several treatment specialties at our disposal, our clients have many options available to them to help promote their treatment success.

We follow a whole body approach to treatment whereby our practitioners look beyond the specific area of injury to determine if there is an underlying source of pain, and then focus on the root of the condition to prevent relapse. 
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